Celebrate The Simple Joy Of A Warm Embrace With The Hug Lamp

2021-02-11 06:28:28

As we approach our first Valentine’s Day since the COVID-19 pandemic began nearly a year ago, many are grappling with the importance of contact and connection among loved ones. For Mark Mitchell , a 23 year Industrial Designer from Derbyshire UK, the solution to a socially distanced Valentine’s comes in the form of Hug Lamp. Two lamps, sculpted to depict two forms embracing, act as a hopeful homage to when we may safely hold each other again.

Covered in vegan-friendly fur, Hug Lamp is tactile to the touch and adds a sense of happy coziness to any room. Magnetic proximity sensors within the lamps provide a uniquely playful interaction method, allowing the user to illume the lamp by reuniting the two sculptural figures. They glow immediately on contact.

“This design means a lot to me personally as I’ve been separated from my Girlfriend and family for over 10 months due to travel restrictions” said Mitchell. “If you are lucky enough to be with your loved ones on this special day, treasure these moments you can share together”

Currently being manufactured in Burnley, the Hug Lamp is scheduled to go on sale in the Autumn. Follow @markmitchelldesign on Instagram for more updates.

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